Being someone’s boo and working at the bank, there’s always a lot to do in just 24hours everyday and the whole schedule of activity and check-ups nearly kills me.

A few days ago, not long before 1a.m, I got a distress call from bae. I had just gotten out from a busy day at the office and needed a long and peaceful night rest, but the thought of my bae in trouble clutched at my throat. I jumped out of the bed, grabbed a shirt and dashed out of the house.
In the space of 50 minutes – thanks to my Uber app – I had shown how I could be transformative from a sleeping eyes to a commanding voice at the nurses at the hospital which emphasized just why being in a union was a full time job on it’s own.

Having guided her through the night to stability as her chest ache subsided, I claimed the headlines amongst her friends and family members, but my actions that night led to the most eye- catching individual embarrassment in a very long time because of what it signposted for me later that day at work.
I tried all I could to keep my eyes opened. Once, my colleague had to tap me gently on the shoulder when he found out I was just sitting still with eyes closed and mouth opened in front of my laptop.

Love is a natural thing. Nobody wakes up today and say, “you know what, I’ll fall in love today”.

Most of what attracts a guy to a lady is all a matter of personal preference and taste. For the dramatic, a sight at the curvy, busty, light-skinned thighs deliver instant gratification.

Most romanticize about having that person as a close pal, someone who will provide a balance in their lives and offer them the strength they previously didn’t have.

Others, however, gravitate towards the kinda woman who will convert the remaining Sunday stew into jollof rice on Monday.

Now, here’s the thing. With every new venture, there is always a little sacrifice that tags along.

Guess why most men envy Adam? Well, probably because he didn’t do anything extra. He was given a wife, no bride price paid, no wedding guests to entertain, no rival to contend with. He had a home, had food at his disposal, and to cap it all, one of his core assignment was to “multiply”.

In todays world, where some women are naturally impressionable, because they are always trying to fill up what society says. Even if she genuinely cares about you, atimes, she could become repulsive because she has seen competition from the outside. Such competition breeds dissatisfaction since most of them don’t first know what they really want.

The pressure to live up to expectations pile up on the man and such unnecessary pressures can mess one up. Some men end up spending without recourse, without even minding how many “zeros” are leaving the account balance.


In truth, someone’s always going to come into your life and treat you the way you’ve always wanted. And when you’re fuelled by that same passion too, there’s this beautiful irreplaceable joy it brings.

Following conversations and dates, you are convinced he is potentially, everything you like in a man. The caveat, as it always is with most women is absolute loyalty.

Despite popular wisdom, sex can only get you halfway through the journey, but continued love may be impossible to sustain if he doesn’t feel valued and respected.

It’s not about being engaged, married or in relationship. It’s about being secured, happy and feeling good. If that “little horse” you have with him is ever going to grow into a “fully-fledged stallion”, then the elixir to having that partner for keeps could come in the form of demonstrating that his leadership is worthy of your followership.

It might cost you losing a few pounds of your ego, but been submissive is not stupidity. It only shows how accommodating you are. The perfect couple you’ve seen or heard of are just two imperfect people who decided to make it work.

Before you take that vow, if you’re to selfish to be sacrificial, too pretty to be loyal or too intelligent to be submissive, Abe-gi, remain single!

Yes, love might not cost much but it surely costs a thing. What do you think…….???


  1. As usual my dear friend you gave me fresh thought of the true meaning of relationship, yet still sustaining my belief that for relationships to work we must sacrifice a whole lot. These few words of yours caught me “It s not about being engaged, married or in relationship. It s about being secured, happy and feeling good” Nice and wonderful nuggets of wisdom. All I can say brother is for you to keep writing, people are reading.

  2. I Lov this piece, u really did justice 2 it n 2 top it all, one has 2 b submissive in a relationship nt minding the stupid stuffs u might end up doing… I seriously do Lov fairy tales😜❤️ I can 😂 4 ❤️ but I can’t die 4 it😀😀😀 sori

  3. Its really an educative piece of write up,while it tries to encourage people to love, it at the same time brings to d cognitive mind,that there can’t be love without sacrifices, I think people of this generation needs to b reminded that its not all a smooth road,there are ups and down,and thus should b ready for it.
    Truly love does cost a thing
    Keep up the good work bro, you are touching minds

  4. Beautiful piece, my brother..
    Love, from origin, as much as I also envy Adam, costs a whole lot.. Every skill required to sustain oxygen in our lungs is also required in keeping the fire of love burning..
    On a lighter note, I really long for that woman that can transform my Sunday evening stew to jollof rice or beans on Monday.. Lol

  5. If these write up was a sequel or seasoned series like we see in our present age. I don’t think I would miss an episode. Been so long we had realistic write ups from a perfect view to a kill. “Educative contents that appeals is what I meant”. Great job bro. Keep the ✒ pen & paper mighty as a weapon to captures anything that captures you.


    1. Swagger…..words like this keep the fire to write more burning. It’s nice to know that people can take a cue from stories shared here and apply them in their lives. Thanks for the encouragement bro!

  6. Absolutely correct dear………Love does cost a thing. I wish this present age will get this!!!!
    The Love for the world cost God His only begotten son.
    Great work again, keep it going………….

  7. *It’s not about being engaged, married or in relationship. It’s about being secured, happy and feeling good*… true,nice write up.

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