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When it comes to matters of the heart, we are all vulnerable. Lol

Notice my laughter- just to emphasize that.

Except you had no internet access in the last 72hours, you must have heard of a certain Nigerian woman once known for ‘self-discipline’, now reduced to taunts and caricature after apologizing to her fans for having a child out of wedlock.

Her name is Linda Ikeji. She needs no introduction. Right?

Just so you know, she’s a media mogul and Africa’s richest blogger!

According to most online readers, her post days ago, seemingly justifying her actions, while thanking God for the gift of her son- more on this later- did little to mask her desperation and lies.

These readers could be forgiven for lashing out at her for her ‘pity me’ tales to justify fornication. Simply put, they are accusing her of defecating on the altar she once preached on.

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally, this is what I feel.

She deserves all the taunts every bit as much as she merits some reasoning with her side of the story.

But before I proceed, I will like to connect some dots….from her story.

This woman has seen the world. She’s not some average Ibo lady. She’s nearing her dicey 40s in terms of fertility, and boldly acknowledged that. She thought she found a man who seemingly had the right father qualities for her son. She settled for him, willfully drove for hours, and ‘fell pregnant.’ Just as she wanted it. Trust me, if he were just some random nigga, there’d be no pregnancy!

The baby she’s always wanted is now here. No mistakes!  Her narratives could be conceited or just a chaste image she wants to sell. No doubt, four years of sexual abstinence is no easy feat. But then, she’s a socialite. Such women meet the dandiest men in civilized gatherings. She could have any man she likes at her level. Insinuations from some of my friends that maybe, her status scared men is all myth. Most men kill for her type. She’s highly sought after. So anyone believing she is ‘searching hard’ for love might have to think this through a second time. Else, I’m declaring my intentions here. Lol


Alright! Let us continue. Shall we?


She was comfortable being inseminated by a man she loved. If this wasn’t the case again, she wouldn’t have kept the pregnancy.

But things fell apart, sadly. Another reminder that there are no guarantees in life.

Linda must have read some reactions that followed her revelations and she’ll clearly wish her romance with Sholaye Jeremi turned out differently. But she also knew the consequence of telling the world her story, and decided to spill it out regardless.

That’s some courage!

By so doing, her tale embodied lessons, too many to mention in one blog post. Recognizing when it’s over in a relationship after attempts have failed to make it right again is just one of them. I’m no FBI to investigate the authenticity of all she has said. As earlier stated, I’m only interested in the many lessons we can draw.

One thing I find really beautiful is how happy she’s been since she broke the news that she’s expecting a baby, and how delighted she was judging by photos from the dedication and thanksgiving service for her son. I’ve followed her posts and I can say she’s genuinely happy. Fulfilled. Indeed, it’s an amazing gift from God to have the taste of motherhood. Isn’t it?

She wouldn’t allow her relationship (mistake) define her!

Clearly, she’s not bothered if her public profile is portrayed as ‘baby mama.’ Her plans for her son is more of a priority, even though she’s hinted she’ll give love another shot someday.

And that’s why she’s still my star!

See, one key lesson here is MOVING ON!

For me, her life is perfect. By sheer grit and diligence, she walked her way to stardom. With such life and a kid now, she’s got what she really wanted.

Obviously, this pregnancy brought her so much happiness. Jayce, her son, has a loving mum-one who’ll channel the disappointments of this relationship to raising a fine man. One who will defend him, and see to it that the best things in life are at his disposal. Her post, intended to clear the air was as close to a perfect reassurance that relationships will not always go the way we plan given how many women could have collapsed under the weight of such disappointment.

These are her words on her life. She feels she owes certain people an explanation. I think she does too, having been seen as a model. I love her already!

This singular act of responsibility outweighs whatever shortcomings, in my book at least. Her intentions for ‘family’ is one most feminist would not want to hear. We’ll talk about this some other time.

Your sins are forgiven, Linda. Go and sin no more!

If you still think otherwise, what’s her crime really?



    1. There’s always a positive side to every situation, Charis.

      If you look for imperfections and irritations, you’ll find them. If you look for lessons, you will find them as well. Linda’s story was very insightful. Notice she didn’t go about the classic men are sum story. She picked herself up and is channelling that attention and love to Jayce, her son.

      She still believe in the magic of falling in love again someday. Her tales uphold this view and I hope she finds that real soon.

      Thanks for reading and engaging!

  1. Holding on to this quote :

    “Her post, intended to clear the air was as close to a perfect reassurance that relationships will not always go the way we plan given how many women could have collapsed under the weight of such disappointment.

    These are her words on her life”. I am an avid huge fan of Linda, measuring her success and gender balance in thriving in the blogging business and not forgetting what she has managed to garner for herself in the last 15years. Now my thoughts on this .. Linda has got it all, the looks, power, respect, finesse and all what not to envy. Do u stop to think this out, what is missing? “That she could lack love” not a total love from family and fans. But “how to love a man” truly. She couldn’t be nearing her dicey 40s and wasn’t able to crop a man, a genuine man and please don’t say her wealth scares them away. I feel she lacked the capacity to keep one. She probably found one or two, Got hooked up by her friends, blind dates and every other lucky partner attempts. And this funny but silly tale must have been on in the last 10years and nothing to show for it. I feeling have a child will teach her to love (a risk she’s willing to take) , Breaking up with her baby daddy was no surprise( some thing she lacked in keeping up with ) , She finding and giving love another chance in the future will be a positive possible feat (normal) .lets face it, Linda truly is not just cut out for men, love and relationships that explains her focus to her success and her distraction to being a feminist. She owes her her fans an apology as well as she’s free to walk without sin. If you ask me, what will I take away from this piece, that would be “Moving On”.. Solidly said; A great post Anthony.

  2. I feel it would be a tad bit difficult for a woman like Linda to keep a man…….Only a very strong and emotionally balanced man can handle a woman of her status. All that said, she preached celibacy, and then “fell” into “sin”, and then publicly acknowledged the fact that she has “sinned”. If that doesn’t take guts, I don’t know what does.
    Linda has shown how strength and resilience helps one to rise above circumstances.

    And to address your comment about being a feminist; I am a proud feminist and I am in no way distracted from my goals……I am in no way in competition with any man. I’m my own competition…..(I talk for myself…*wink*).

    P.S. I love your perspective! Great job…well done!!!!!

    1. Thanks for reading and engaging, Wunmi.

      I’ve always held the belief that true strength is found when one rises above adversity. In her case, she found Hapiness. She has Jayce now!

      It’s nice to note too that you believe you’re your own competition. Keep breaking boundaries!

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